Unsupported wordpress

I’ve had a frustrating couple of days trying to get WordPress to work unsupported. Having loaded up the tool (Fantastico) in my work domain Cpanel I thought it would all be straightforward.

Ho Ho.

I suppose it is if you just want the basics, but I wanted what I have got going here.

Complaints so far:

  • Even as system administrator I cant change categories – no problem with that here. I did find something on the support forum that suggested an upgrade to the database but I dont understand what or how so I’ll wait for a bit.
  • The Upgrade from 2.7 to 2.7.1 wouldnt happened automatically. I had to download then upload to Cpanel. Since I cant do more that a few files at a time to Cpanel, this was timeconsuming. Added to which Cpanel seems to be running a script which grabs all my virtual memory so eventually the whole thing grinds to a halt and the only way out is to turn the PC off! I got it done and working eventually.
  • I then eventually managed to located the Garland theme which is so ideal for my work site. And managed to upload it! And install it….
  • but it isnt running the same as on here. I can’t customise the colours although I’ve looked at what the support forums say and edited the functions.php file (very brave of me) to replace Presentation with Design.
  • The page menu isnt nesting nicely like it does here…I’ve had to put links into the Publications pages.
  • The Recent Post widget thinks its being used but has disappeared from the sidebar, and when I change the sidebar they all disappear. None of them show in the widget admin page so I cant edit them. Heck!