Vegetable plot

Mid-March and the vegetable garden is on the go.  I have four 1.2 m square beds and a slightly misshapen one the same sort of size.  They go by the names of NE, NW, SW, SE and New – which is the misshapen one.

I have some seeds and seedlings already in the mini-greenhouse because I couldnt resist at the end of February.  Some are early lettuce and herbs, also some Moneymaker tomatoes.  Some Amsterdam Forcing Carrots are in a trough on the patio wall.  I have some plug plant lettuces also (lollo rosso) which I have planted out in the NE bed and put a cloche over at night.  They are alongside two sowings of broad beans which are coming along ok although some of the ones planted before Christmas seem to have disappeared – the February sowings are coming up nicely.

Today I planted out six pea plants that are about four inches high, and put cloches over them for the weekend as some frosts are due.

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