Tomatoes taking over

I brought back two Gardener’s Delight and two Black Russian tomato plants from my brother.  They are nearly a foot tall already.  I have had them in the mini-greenhouse along with the cucumber plant I brought back (more than a foot tall) but they are looking a bit droopy…. may just be adapting to the greenhouse after being indoors before.

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to put all these plants.  It looks like I’ll be giving away some Moneymaker plants as the seedlings all seem to be growing well so far.  No sign of action from the other two varieties I sowed last week though.

I transplanted some of the lollo rosso lettuce amongst the beans and garlic in order to make more space for the others – they no longer need the cloche over them and even managed a mild frost just before the weekend.

Sowed a few short rows of beetroot in a patch under a cloche in the SE bed as well.  Full moon this week.

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