Breeding Bird Survey 1

One of the surveys I take part in is the BTO’s Breeding Bird Survey (BBS). This requires walking a defined route in a 1 km square and noting all the birds you see at set distances on either side of the route.

This morning I woke up to a glorious sunny day and decided to get out and do my first one for the season before it clouded over. It was truly a lovely day with a lot of birds around, some more of the migrants in – willow warbler and blackcap adding their song to the chiffchaff who arrived a few weeks ago now. My highlight was probably the barn owl that lifted off a branch just ahead of me (just after I had been looking at the blackcap!) and flew off over the fields.

Plenty of skylarks singing, a few yellowhammers, lots of tits and finches, and altogether a glorious spring morning. Saw some linnets on the way back to the car which I’ll enter as a Roving Record on the Bird Atlas site, as they were seen outside the BBS time.

Stopped at the local bakery for some hot cross buns on the way home for a well earned breakfast!

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