A week’s neglect in the garden

I’ve been away for a week and come back to a neglected garden and drooping plants.  Despite my efforts to protect them for frosts, they have nearly succumbed to hot dry weather.  The bonsai trees are looking desperate, and the acer (which was fully in leaf) looks like dropping them all.  It did that in the summer of 2006 and put on a new flush, so I hope it will recover from another year of ill-treatment.

The tomatoes from my brother and the cucumber plant all wilted but may have recovered with a drink just in time.  Today I potted them into bigger pots which will give them a better reservoir of water.  My smaller tomatoes were just fine.  Other plants had done ok, so me of the seeds have grown on nicely, others failed to show at all.  I’ve given them a drink and will see what happens.

I planted out the first batch of kohl rabi that I sowed, they have grown into nice plants, and the seedlings sown direct are also coming along.  I also sowed five varieties of squash (courgette, patty pan, vegetable spaghetti, acorn and winter squash) two seeds to a pot, so ten possible plants in all.  I doubt whether they will all come up and I doubt whether I’ll get them all to grow, as I dont know where I’ll put them if they do well!

There was a small white butterfuly flying around today, so I think the butterfly cage had better be assembled without delay.