A case of mite or mite not

My two newer guinea pigs, Victor and Hugo, had a patch of skin which they seemed to be scratching a lot, and were very sensitive to being touched on, so much so that I couldnt actually examine it closely.  From what I could see there were no outward signs of mites, but selnick mites are microscopic and live under the skin, so I thought I’d better treat them. 

Before Easter I used Bob Martin’s Spot On treatment on them, but it seems that this is a preventative rather than a cure if they already have them.    This week when I checked them over it seemed that nothing had changed regards Victor and Hugo, except that the patch had become more discoloured, a sort of grubby yellow.  When I check the others over, Fred appeared to have a yellowy pasty patch on his backside just above his grease gland.  That sounded like mites as well, so I took further advice and used Beophar Spot On treatment with ivermectin as its active ingredient.  It may clear it up or they may need a further treatment in four weeks.

Mites are known to come in on their hay and they are very common – in fact as I’ve had Fred and George nearly two years its amazing they haven’t had them before.

Thanks to everyone on the Guinea Pigs Rodents With Attitude forum, particularly Doris, for their advice and help.

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