Breeding Bird Survey 2

My second BBS is over on Winterton Dunes.  I did this one last year and know that I need to allow time for some of the migrants to arrive, so not to do it early in the survey window.  My plan was the last week of April/first week of May, so doing it on the 5th May was about the latest I wanted to do it, but as it’s a popular area for the beach and walks, I didnt want to go at the bank holiday.

Today was overcast and slightly breezy by normal standards (virtually calm by Winterton’s!) but there wasnt an awful lot about.  Two or three skylarks and one or two yellowhammer on every 200m stretch, willow warbler and chaffinch in the woods in the distance, pheasant and greylag calling on the farmland, a steady stream of gulls along the shore and a grey seal sticking its head out of the water to peoplewatch.  A wheatear right at the end and snipe drumming on the farmland too.  I thought I heard, and then joy – I saw – some little tern arrived back from their wintering grounds.  A gentleman I spoke to on the way said they had arrived back only yesterday.  Lots of swallows – more than I’ve seen there before, but no house martins – where have all the house martins gone?

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