Water butts at the ready

I managed to get my two water butts aligned, stable and level on paving stones, joined up and under the guttering downpipe at the bank holiday weekend.  Just as I finished we had out first rain (or at least wetting agent) for weeks. Lucky or what?!

Just to add to the feeling of smug satisfaction, it rained overnight and during the morning too.  I haven’t gathered much in, but it’s a start.  So I now have two connected to take the rain from the patio roof, one by the back door to take bowls full of waste water (rinsed lettuce and stuff like that) and one waiting to be attached to the downpipe from the garage roof, which will keep my ferns and hostas happy in their shady spot.

I did a calculation the other day when I had started watering my veg patches.  They recommend 10 litres water when watering 1 m² of vegetable patch – I think that’s per week unless very hot.  That means one full water butt lasts me less than four weeks.  So two will just about get me through a typical summer.  And then there are the tomatoes and cucumbers in grow bags, and seedlings waiting for space.  But first I have to get those water butts full….

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