Titchwell in May

After talking to the Master Composters course on Saturday I headed up to the coast as it was such a nice day.  Got to Titchwell at 5.30 having diverted via Fakenham garden centre and the Drove Orchard farm shop 🙂

It was a fabulous day at Titchwell, probably best weather I’ve had there for a couple of years.  I was walking along in a teeshirt, which is the first time I’ve done that for a while – certainly couldnt do it last August.  I thought the breeze was relatively light although people I met said they wished the wind wasnt so strong so the birds would show.  I’m afraid I thought the wind wasnt strong and the birds were showing!!   There were masses of reed and sedge warblers, both of them shinning up the reeds or showing off in bushes, as were reed buntings.  Bearded tits made a welcome appearance – didnt actually see them at all last year.  Plenty of other warblers in the woods, too.

The star turns for me were the hirundines and swifts.  I have never seen so many flitting about, just over the reedbed.  I expect it was because the swifts at any rate had just arrived back – at least further inland – and I saw house martin and sand martin here for the first time.  This may of course mean that this was my first trip in May, but still.

On the lagoons were plenty of ducks, gulls and waders.  Around 200 avocet were there and one little downy chick was evident on an island quite close to the sea wall.  Plenty of terns flying around, and a great view of a pair of marsh harriers, the male coming quite close. Up on the beach the tide was nearly fully in and there were over a hundred sanderling scurrying around as well as a load of oystercatcher, a couple of ringed plover, pied wagtail and meadow pipit.  About three eider and a couple of great crested grebe were out at sea, although some guys there confused me by saying eider and merganser, and I certainly couldnt see a merganser….  Ah well, maybe they were talking about another time.  Put up a kestrel on the way back, starting to hurry as a bank of cloud was on its way in and just starting to obscure the sun.  

It was just a super day.

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