Growing like crazy

Well, after weeks of fine dry weather we finally had some rain.

The water butts filled up on consecutive nights, leading me to wonder whether I should attach a third.  The lettuce that were originally transplanted into modules for growing on are doing really well in the ground and the first two will be picked this weekend.  The ones left in clumps and separated later aren’t quite as far advanced but they are also in shade longer in the afternoon, which is probably helping them grow slower (and will probably ensure they dont bolt).

Today I pulled up the leeks, which had really never swollen apart from those which had done so to put up a flower stalk.  I cut the edible bits from them to go in a risotto this evening, along with some of last year’s broad beans that I froze and the broad bean tops that I cut off the earlier sowing today.  A delicious meal.   The space for the leeks will either take carrots or scorzonera – I’m looking for a place for the scorzonera which really must be sown before the end of May.  Maybe two patches, one where the tulip nursery is?  I think they can be lifted this year.

I also sowed some more lettuce and chard in modules – again not sure where they’ll go, but succession planting means starting things off in modules when you are short of space.  I need to pot on the calabrese (Crown and Sceptre), and potted on the Black Russian and Moneymaker tomatoes.  The latter should be hardened off by the end of the weekend; the Black Russian and Gardener’s Delight are standing outside all day and night now, but under the patio roof, so still sheltered, along with the cucumber.  I have two seedlings of Brandywine tomato, and the others havent come up, nor have the peppers done anything this year.  The celeriac has come up but is taking a long time to get to manageable size for potting into modules.  And my courgette has come up nicely, as have the sunflowers I sowed last week, but the other squash are showing nothing so far.

Out in the garden again, the peas are showing their first flowers and the runner beans are getting their first true leaves.  Four plants came up (I think one was nibbled) and I planted another seed where the gap was.  The kohl rabi and fennel seem to be doing well, and the beetroot sown last week is coming up – in clumps as usual – why does a straight line always turn into clumps of seedlings?

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