Action packed Saturday

Saturday dawned dull and very windy, which was a shame as it was the Wild About the Wensum (Go Wild) Event at Pensthorpe.

I was on double duty.  First, between 12 and 1.30, in the bird hide for the Bird Society as the Guide  in the Hide.  This is a very enjoyable job as it involves looking at the birds and pointing out to people what they can see.  Colin and Jacquie had been on before and had a splendid list of birds, to which I added kestrel and common tern, but I didnt see the marsh harrier that they had, or a couple of other things.  I did become very adept at finding the little ringed plover on the shingle bank, though!  Also one of the other members told me about the hoopoe at Great Ryburgh, which I went and saw on the way home afterwards – a splendid bird and a great view, thanks in part to the kind gentleman who let me look through his telescope!

At 2pm I was on the Master Composting stand and we were very busy.  Unfortunately we had a low supply of leaflets and quiz sheets due to the fact that there were something like four events that we were attending that weekend, so resources had been shared out, AND it was the end of Compost Awareness Week so resources had been used up over the week anyway.  But we had the wormery to show people, and I talked about bins and their pros and cons and what to do about rats and rabbit bedding and grass clippings etc.  So we had a good time and hopefully got a few more people composting more stuff.

Even better was the ‘take as much as you like’ offer from North Norfolk Council who were distributing their compost – ‘soil revitaliser’ – and I got four bags for my raised bed, which I put on this morning.  Could have done with another four bags, but maybe I’ll get those later in the summer!

So with the hoopoe on the way home, it was a busy day.


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