I used to be very keen on having things in pots on the patio at my last house, but have tried to cut down on them because of the watering needed. 

This winter I had all three of one set of pots crack and split, all were over fifteen years old, but funny how they all went together.  At present the fuchsias in the medium sized one are sitting in the remains of their pot, and the strawberries and garlic chives are sitting in the remains of theirs in a sack for good measure!

I’ve had to work out what to do with the three mints I bought last week plus the chocolate mint whose pot broke in the winter.  I realised one of my lovely ‘long toms’ from the Hare Lane pottery in Dorset was vacant, and the slightly shorter one only had sempervivum in it, so the sempervivum went into a mixed pot, my new mints went into the two long toms and my only ordinary clay pot, and they are grouped round the water butts with the chocolate mint still in its pot under the second water butt spout which protects its back where the pot split is.  So it all works out quite well.

I must get to work sorting out bulbs in pots and planting up gladioli, though.

I have also potted on the crown and sceptre broccoli and stood them under the netting – they will be planted out when the broad beans are finished.  The courgette seeds have sprouted nicely so I potted them on, but none of the rest of the squash have done anything yet.  The three globe artichoke seedlings seemed to have stopped growing so I’ve planted them up into larger pots – maybe they needed richer compost.

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