Bird box success

In early May I realised I had robin activity in one nest box and blue tit activity in the other.

It’s been fun watching the parents dash in and out and to hear the baby bluetits’ squeaking turn into proper bluetit calls.  I never heard the robins till they were out, which happened last Saturday (23rd) when I was aware of single note calling and the robin on the fence beside me instead of down the end near the nest box.  One youngster was out and in good deep cover, it must have emerged around 10 am; the other was out before 6 pm, and the robins were dashing all over the garden to find them.  Both youngsters found my patio with the pots and spiders of great interest.  I was very worried when one looked as if it was going to walk out under the garden gate as I knew there were cats around outside, but it stayed in the garden till the next day.  I think with one overnight in the garden they would be safe enough outside in the big wide world, and the parents took them off and I havent seen the youngsters since.

The bluetits emerged yesterday.  I was out all day and as I came in I saw a parent bird fly off with what looked like a youngster close behind and there was no more noise in the garden.  I think there was more than one though, so lets hope at least two fledged successfully.