Garden growing like mad!

With the light evenings and the heatwave, I’ve been keeping up with pulling things up, planting things out and trying to keep things alive I havent got flowerbed space for.My early lettuce went and bolted on me, so was throwing quite a bit out and had a couple of weeks with hardly any salad leaves.  A lesson for next year… dont plant more than twelve at once, and plant them every month!

However, the broad beans are finished, and in their space are some broccoli and kale plants and some purple kohl rabi seedlings.  It’s a bit of a squash but they should be ok.  I ran out of time for space for my lettuce and swiss chard so put them in the raised bed outside – not really enough sun as summer goes on, but they are looking ok at present and the lettuce in particular is growing well.

The big challenge was the scorzonera which needed to be sown before the end of May really and I just didnt have space.  So against the rules, I sowed it in modules, and transplanted it into a space left by some chard.  It isnt the recommended way but it seems to have taken and is coming along ok.  It’s a bit close to the fennel and the spaghetti squash (which are climbing up the archway with a little help) but I think they’ll be ok.

Eventually I could take out the onions which had been taking up space that was overdue.  The packet said they should be ready to harvest April/May, but it was June and I decided the stems had gone over so they could come out and dry under cover on the patio.  I also took out the strawberry plants and tulips from the same bed, dug it over, gave it some compost and supergro fertiliser, and planted out the lovely celery plants that I had previously potted on and were looking great.  I also planted out three Brandywine tomatoes – very late developers – and sowed some radicchio and some beetroot seeds for the autumn.

Finally last weekend I harvested my garlic – a brilliant haul of 38 bulbs,  of which 6 are HUGE, 8 very small, and the rest would be happily sold in a shop or market.  It smells good too.  They are also drying out under the patio roof.  After some tlc for that bed I planted out the celeriac which definitely needed more warmth to get a move on, and then went mad with half-rows of lettuce, carrot, spring onion, coriander and rocket, plus a small patch of mangetout which I’m growing mainly for extra leaves for my guinea pigs.  A patch of fennel I sowed earlier hasnt sprouted at all (or else slugs had it as it emerged) or it didnt like the garlic alongside.  Next year I must start it in modules even on the second sowing.

The only thing left to go in now is my acorn squash plant, which will go in where the peas are nearly finished – it should like the rich soil there.

The water butts just about got me through the heatwave, and they are now completely full again after the storms of the last couple of days.  So far, so good.