So much for water conservation

I have been trying really hard to conserve water this year, both for the sake of the planet and for the sake of my purse.

Apart from rainwater catchment in my water butts, I have cut down on the length (and the frequency) of my showers, used low water flushing for the loo, made sure all taps were turned off if not actually in use, and saved rinsing water for vegetables (and hands, sometimes with a little soap) in a bowl in the sink which then got poured into my ‘greywater’ water butt.

So when I opened my water bill this week and said “HOW MUCH?????” you can imagine I was more than shocked.  I checked the meter reading against last year and I seem to have ‘used’ more than twice as much water in the last eleven months than I did the whole of the previous twelve months!  Well, I wasnt a happy bunny.

So I phoned the water company, who got me to check my meter reading (and bit of a difficult thing to do in itself).  They went through my lifestyle and agreed it seemed excessive.

I now have to do a flow test and a leak test to make sure my meter is only supplying my property, and then to see if there appears to be a leak.  I assume after that they send someone out.

I hope we can sort it out quickly.  I hate to think of all that water going to waste


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