Master Composter Conference

Saturday was the Master Composter Conference at Garden Organic, Ryton, near Coventry.  There were about 16 of us from Norfolk who went in a minibus, and it was a long day!

The conference was an excellent reminder of what we were doing, inspiring new ideas and energy to promote home composting in our neighbourhoods.  There were talks on the mini-beasts in our compost heaps, measuring the impact of schemes, a great presentation from the BBC presenter and Berryfields Head Gardener on her life in composting, and awards for variuous schemes and the graduation of lots of Master Composters from around the country, including me!

An extra bonus was having time to explore the gardens at Ryton, not just looking at planting plans and demonstrating how organic garden can be great visually and prodcutively, but also seeing how their veg compared with mine, and getting new ideas for layout, companion planting, more composting ideas and trials of different systems.  I must go back there again now that I know it’s only a three hour drive!

I am inspired to get to grips with my village now, having booked a stall at the Village Hall Fete, and I think I will be starting a separate blog attached to this one, in order to cater for the home composting network.