Seedless in Seattle

Sorry, Seattle, this has nothing to do with you, just a play on words.

The seeds I planted in July have been spectacular in their disappearance.  The rocket has come up nicely, but only about three lettuce and six beetroot.

This means that the carrots, radicchio, coriander, mangetout and spring onion planted between July 1st and 4th have all failed to show.  The fennel that I planted in the same place in June also failed.  I wonder whether I have something eating them as they come through, or whether they have indeed failed to germinate?  Given some lettuces have come up with not even a hole, I think they’ve failed.  It might just have been the very hot weather.

I tried some more kohl rabi, round carrots and radicchio in a different bed, where the cabbage family are now and broad beans were before, and also some corn salad, kale and spring onions by the runner beans.  Those went in on 1st August – should have been July but were only one day late, so we’ll see how they go.  It’s really getting too late to sow most things now, although a row of chard for the winter will be something I put in in the middle of the month.

Fingers crossed.

One thought on “Seedless in Seattle

  1. Well, I’m eating the rocket that came up, but I think the problem has been slugs and the five lettuces that were coming along nicely have all disappeared.
    The kohl rabi, carrots and some radicchio have come up but I think the slugs are at work there too…. the kale is looking nice by the runner beans but no sign of spring onions or corn salad. Must buy some organic slug repellant….

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