Catching Up In the Garden

I seem to have  missed out September completely!

In the garden it was a case of eat, tidy and try not to let things die from lack of water…  I grew some seeds of chard, radicchio and spring onion in a tray and left them well watered when I went on holiday at the end of the month.  They survived ok, along with all the other things I’d put in water trays, and planted them out with slug pellets in the second week of October, putting fleece over them when there was a chance of frost on the 13th.  They seem to be doing fine, and the rocket and celeriac in the same bed are happy to be under fleece too.

I have zillions of tomatoes, in various stages of ripeness.  Before my holiday I picked nearly all and left them to ripen in a tray on the table under the patio roof.  Some were ready to use when I got back (a nice tomato, mushroom and courgette pasta sauce, and some for the freezer) and others are now in bags ripening indoors, with a banana in some bags just to encourage them a bit more.

The globe artichoke produced about 8 heads in all; the squash count was two full size veg.spaghetti plus one still trying but about courgette sized; four small patty pans, one small acorn squash and about four very small courgettes.  I think I need to grow them on neat compost with plenty of water.  There was one more cucumber waiting for me when I got back and four tiny ones that I hoped might grow but are now too cold, so time to give up.

I planned next year’s veg patches so have now put compost and non-composted bedding waste down on the first patches to be needed – one will get broad beans in a few more weeks, the other will be left  till I dig the runner beans in and plant the garlic for next year.


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