Eating my own produce

I was wandering around wondering what to eat the other day bemoaning the fact that there was nothing left in the garden.  Fortunately the e-newsletter from Garden Organic came in, and among other great things in it, listed what I could be eating from my garden – or from storage – if I’d got it right through the year. 

It was those key words “or from storage” that made me realise I still had lots of lovely veg and things to eat – but they were in the freezer.  So I had a delve in the freezer and brought out some broad beans, runner beans and swiss chard, blanched and frozen ready to be used.  I put most of them back but kept the broad beans and had a delicious risotto.  Ok, the rice, olive oil and parmesan cheese were bought, but the onion, garlic, herbs and beans were all mine!  And it was delicious.

That was the last of my home grown onions.  I dug them up at the end of June, so they’ve lasted me four months.  A lot of them were tiny – probably I should have given them more water at key times – but they took up a lot of space for a long time.  I dont think they really justify their place in my veg patch for now.  Garlic – I have tons of it.  It was an excellent crop, and I’m just about to plant the cloves from one of the largest – two if necessary.  I think I remember counting 38 bulbs that I’d plaited up.  Well, I still have three plaits to go, so I think that’ll last me the six months till the next crop is ready, so 30-40 bulbs is probably the right number if I want to be self-sufficient in garlic.  Is it worth it?  Well, with the price of garlic, and it being easy to grow, and being harvested in June, yes I think it is.

So now I must remember to eat food from the freezer.  Ok, there’s not enough there to last me till May, but it can supplement other things and remind me of summer.  And plant the garlic and broad beans for next season in the next couple of weeks.