New Bird Atlas season starts here

The BTO Bird Atlas surveying season enters another phase, the third round of four.  I have two tetrads to look after in Norfolk North East; one just north of the first area I did at Stratton Strawless – this takes me to the south east of Marsham, and an area covering Morton Hall and Ringland which looks very interesting.

I did the first winter visit for the first tetrad today – it was a lovely morning, although a hard frost, but as I started out from the car park black clouds started rolling in from the north, so I took my raincoat, and ended up putting it on and off again all the way round.  It is a very nice area of farmland and lanes and hedgerows, with some copses and ponds.  I saw 35 species in all, nothing spectacular, but both green and great spotted woodpeckers were in evidence, plus most of the expected hedgerow birds, many farmland birds including yellowhammer and red-legged partridge, and a kestrel, which was the second bird I saw!  There were also a small group of redwing in one hedgerow across a field, feeding on berries by the look of it.  I wasnt sure how many, but we had an influx about three weeks ago and it looks as if many have moved on from making their landfall here then.  They’ll be back, I’m sure!

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