Seeds for swap

Just going through all the seeds I have from last (and earlier) years looking to see what to try and what to throw out.  I know old seed may germinate, or may not.  But its a useful exercise to see what I’ve acquired over the years.  Most of it I’ve used in the last two years though.

The following are available for members of GPRWA to PM me with their requirements:

Name Variety Sow from Harvest sow by Note F&G say
Artichoke Green Globe Feb Aug-Sep 2010 0
Basil Sweet Mar all yr 2009 gone 5
Basil Sweet Genovese Mar June-Sep 2010 5
Beetroot Da Orta Paonazza D’Egito Mar July-Sep 2009 3
Broccoli Crown & Sceptre Apr Jul-Oct 2011 gone 4
Carrot Amsterdam Forcing Mar Jul-Nov 2011 gone 4
Celeriac Brilliant Mar Sep-Dec 2000 3
Celery Cutting celery (herb) Apr July-Oct 2011 3
Coriander Mar May-Nov 2009 5
Corn Salad Cavallo Apr all yr 2009 2
Courgette Striato d’Italia Apr Jul-Oct 2009 1
Kale Scarlet Mar Jun-Feb 2011 limited 4
Kale Black Tuscany (dragon kale) Mar May-Feb 2010 gone 5
Leek Autumn Giant mar Oct 2010 x
Lettuce Chartwell (Romaine) Apr Jun-Oct 2009 5
Lettuce Little Gem Mar June-Sep 2010 5
Oregano True Greek Jan all yr 2011 gone 5
Parsley French (plain leaves) Apr all yr 2011 4
Pea Kelvedon Wonder Mar Jun-Oct 2009 4
Pea Reuzensuiker (Mangetout) Mar Jun-Sep 2011 4
Pepper Big Banana Mar Aug-Sep 2010 4*
Radicchio Treviso Precoce Mesola Apr Jun-Dec 2009 5
Rocket Feb May-Dec 2009 limited 4
Runner Bean Celebration Apr July-Oct 2010 5
Scorzonera Russian Giant Apr Oct-Feb 2007 4
Scorzonera Hispanica Apr Oct-Feb 2010 4
Spring Onion Performer Mar all yr 2009 x
Squash Summer Satellite (pattypan) Apr Jun-Sep 2010 1
Squash Spaghetti Squash Apr Oct-Mar 2009 1
Squash Autumn Harvest (acorn) Mar Jun-Oct 2005 1
Squash Curcurbita Maxima (winter) May Oct-Dec 2010 1
Tomato Gardener’s Delight Apr Jul-Sep 2005 2
Tomato Moneymaker Mar Aug-Oct 2008 2
Tomato Outdoor Girl Mar Jul-Oct 2006 2
Tomato Brandywine Mar Jul-Sep 2009 2
Tomato Moneymaker (organic) Mar Jul-Sep 2003 2

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