Action in the garden

Even though it’s been frosty, cold and wet I’ve managed to make a start on getting the beds prepared for the vegetables.  Well, when I say ‘prepared’ I mean the new bed has been mostly dug and had a lot of fairly raw compost put in it, but mainly guinea pig waste, so bulky material which my sandy soil needs, as well as pretty well composted stuff.

The first bed that will be sown this spring is the one that had mostly brassicas last year, which followed the early crop of broad beans.   The broccoli and kale that stood through the winter have more or less finished – the snow finished off the last broccoli leaves standing, the oldest kale plant is probably not worth giving to the guineas, and they had the other nice one today.  The bed has already had a good thickness of well done compost on it, so I will add a bit of general purpose organic fertiliser and then give it a coupe of weeks to brew before starting to think about seed planting.  Its much too cold really for that.

I have planted a long trough with two types of carrots though, and also put 12 seeds of red kale into modules.  Well, they’ll get going when they want to.  I really think its too cold to think of much else, although some seeds under glass might be a good idea later this week.


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