A toothy tale

My guinea pig George started having problems with his teeth again at the end of October.  I took him to the vet as he wasn’t eating and had lost weight; she filed his back teeth down but once again George developed abscesses.  One cleared up, he was off his meds for about five days over Christmas, then another one flared up.


George after his abscess operation

It didnt stop him showing off the rosette he won in a photo competition in October though!

George POTM rosette

George with his Rodents With Attitude rosette

Then although that was starting to get better he began to have a problem with one of his front teeth.  Eventually he went to the Cambridge Cavy Trust where they worked out it was fractured but still ‘growing’ as it was being pushed up by the bit behind.  They took the fractured bit out, with instructions to take him to the local rodentologist to keep his front teeth short enough.

All went well till a couple of weeks ago when the new tooth also showed itself to be wobbly, and then George got a bit of grass seed stuck down the back of it so he got a very smelly gum.  It looked awful.


George's manky tooth and grass seed stuck behind

Last weekend Vikki kindly helped me get the grass seed out and Zoe suggested using oral fungal gel to help the mouth infection.  Well, all that made a difference, but then yesterday, George and Fred were having a bit of a discussion about who was sitting in their fleecy pouch when I heard a loud WHEEK!  When I looked later, he had lost his tooth completely, so either Fred put his foot in it, or George used his teeth in a way that pulled it out.  I couldn’t find any sign of the offending tooth (which was really manky and rotten anyway, so George didn’t need it).

I only hope it grows back well now, as I think George has had enough messing about.  He’s been eating well since it came out, although today he’s looking a little less happy.  I only hope he didn’t swallow the tooth.  It’s a bit big and pointed and it could do his insides some damage.  I’ll just have to wait and see.  Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile Hugo has been having trouble with not being able to poop properly, and then with lumps. He had one on his elbow cut out and sent for tests but, fortunately, like the others it turned out to just be a fatty lump.


Hugo's elbow was operated on to remove a lump

It hasn’t stopped them both posing for more photos for the competitions, though!

Most of the tales of the guinea pigs are on George’s own blog.  I’ve been writing stories about them there too.

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