Labour of Love

I’ve been having fun unpacking what I’ve always referred to as ‘Pop’s Box’.  This is a reasonably large box that my father kept a lot of papers in, and which he was putting together for his memoirs.  He also had a mini-cassette recorder that he’d been dictating into. The recorder and the tapes were in a bag in the box.

Given the stories my father had told us since we were very young of his early days in Africa when he was with Imperial Airways, I felt it was sure to be a rich resource for anyone interested in the history of commercial aviation.I’m not that interested in the wider context, but I am fascinated with what these boys got up to in establishing and running the early flying boat routes down to South Africa.

G-AEUC Corunna

Corunna at Rejaf (Juba) 1938

Ah, flying boats 🙂

So I took over the box after my father died, and have given some thought as to what to do with it.  I think that getting as much as possible on to the internet, and then presenting the original material to the Croydon Airport Society is probably the way to go.

You can follow its progress at