I finally got the bed done that will take more fruit bushes.  I transplanted strawberries from one of the vegetable squares (they came with me from my previous house, or their parents did, any way) and the rhubarb form my cousin Gill as well.  And I ordered two spineless varities of gooseberry, Captivator and Pax.

The nursery phoned to say they didnt have any Pax left, did I want something else, so after discussion I settled for a second Captivator, which is a good all purpose (cooking and eating) berry, midlew resistant.  He said it was a better flavour than Pax as well.  The bushes arrived today and to my surprsie, along with the two Captivators there was a pot of Jostaberry as well, marked ‘as a gift because of the subsitution’.

I am now trying to work out where to put it.  It’ll grow quite high (up to 2.5m) and is vigorous, meaning it could overpower things.  It likes deep sandy loam, which is what I have in my kitchen garden, and dislikes poor or thin soil, which is what I have outside.  It likes sun but does well in shade although producing less fruit.  And it’ll need netting against the birds if I want any fruit.  Hmmmm.

The gooseberries will go in the places planned for them, on either side of the rhubarb, surrounded by strawberries.  The raspberries are on the other side of the path and the apples are on the other fence.  Quite a fruit corner!

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