Busy, busy…

It’s been a very busy time once more.  Gardening, golf and birds have taken up all my spare time (along with a nice little holiday in Mull).

The garden is looking good especially after a nice wet week while I was enjoying a reasonably dry week on Mull!  It had been desperately dry up till then and I’d run out of water in the waterbutts.Three raised beds

The garlic is nearly ready to be harvested and I have taken up all the Little Gem lettuce that were intercropped with it.  The centre bed in the picture has rows of chard, carrots and fennels then small block of red and green curly lettuce, cos-type lettuce, celery and some beetroot seedlings in gaps.  Then in the foreground is sweetcorn and courgette plants, with the edge of the archway just showing which has some heritage variety french climbing beans (Blue Coco).

Also in the veg beds under a butterfly net are all the cabbage types, kohl rabi, red and dragon kales, and when the kohl rabi, beetroot and radishes allow, in will go some winter broccoli.  The other side of the arch goes to the bean beds – two types of broad bean (Aquadulce just starting to produce eatable beans, the crimson flowering – really pretty – variety a few weeks behind), also runner beans up the arch and peas in a circle of netting.

The fruit is coming along, rhubarb, strawberies and gooseberries in a new bed, and strawberries in the patio bed producing their first ripe berries.  Tomatoes seem to be planted all over the garden, since they went into just about any spare space and as my apple tree seems to have died (boo-hoo) the Brandywine tomatoes have gone in there.

Birdwise I have two areas for the breeding bird survey (one done, one to go), and for the Bird Atlas I have done three early season visits locally, and so far for the late season visits I’ve done two on Mull and one of my local ones, with two more to go.  It does occur to me that I should start to just sit and watch birds for a while after this, and enjoy them, rather than counting and listing the whole time.

The story of my holiday on Mull is very nicely recounted by George on his website.