Plum stupid

Yesterday I picked 2 pounds/ 1 kilo of lovely plums from the trees on the common area behind our houses.  As well as loads of apples.

Today I bought extra sugar to make 1.4 kg and made some jam.  About half way through I did a doubletake on the recipe as I had put in 1.8 kg of plums and the appropriate amount of sugar. But I didnt pick 1.8 kg of plums!  Yet I distinctly remember adding and taking away a couple of eatable ones in order to make the right weight.

I think what I must have done is take the 1 from the lower level of the scale (i.e. the 1  lb) and go up to the 800 gm mark above it.  So I actually only put in 800 grams of plums with the full amount of sugar 😦

My book says that the amount of sugar to fruit is ‘critical’ “too little and it ferments and goes off, too much and it goes dark and sticky.”  Well, mine is looking like a syrup, frankly, but I’ve potted it up anyway and I’m sure I can use it in cooking or mixed with icecream or something…..  Shame to waste all those lovely plums though.  Still, there are more on the tree!

There’s a recipe for autumn pudding – like summer pudding but with apples, pears and plums….  and humpsy dearie jam with the same sort of mix.  I’m sure I can make something out of this disaster.

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