Green tomato chutney

I picked the last of the tomatoes at the beginning of October.  It didnt look like they were all going to ripen so last weekend I made a couple of pounds of green tomato chutney using my old old recipe.

It looks quite promising – five jars of good tasting chutney.  I must remember to eat it after the three months’ curing is up.  I still have one jar labelled 1995 and another labelled 1997, which was, I think, the last time I made any.  Also a jar of windfall chutney made with apples, pears and plums as well as tomatoes, also labelled 1997.

The question is, should I try them or just throw them out?

One thought on “Green tomato chutney

  1. In case you were wondering… I did taste one of the old chutneys – it was pretty bland and uninteresting so I threw the three jars out.
    The new chutney is also on the bland side which is sad. I must review the type of vinegar I use, I think. or it needs to be boiled down quicker to reduce the liquid but keep the flavour. It’s perfectly nice with some bread and cheese though. 🙂

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