Hector and Humphrey

I’ve recently taken in two foster piggies as there are so many pigs pouring into the Norfolk rescue at present, many of the sows pregnant, and these two had already been there a couple of months and need more handling than they can get at a snowed under rescue.


Hector (front) and Humphrey

Hector (aka Hugo) and Humphrey are probably 9 months or more old, Hector looks about that but Humphrey is very long in his body and gives the impression of being older.  They are both predominantly black; Hector is black with a little bit of tan marking round his head and crest.  He is very shiny with black feet, which will make for difficult nail trimming!  He is quite nervous about being sat on my lap but, endearingly, is perfectly fine when he has his head hidden – in my hand will do!

Humphrey is a long-haired, sheltie type, with a white blaze and really black flowing mane, which lies over the rest of his back coat which is predominantly white on one side, but gives a sort of grey effect where it mixes with his black hairs.  He has a half white tummy with a tan line at the join, and he has four predominantly white feet (thank goodness!).

At the present they rush to hide whenever I go near the cage, which I do regularly as they are between the kettle and the sink (deliberately so they see a lot of me!)  If they are in their snugglesac or paper bag hideout they are quite easy to lift out for cuddle time, but if they rush round the cage they are very fast!   They get floor time in a pen every morning and get to meet Hugo, who comes over and chats to them on his rounds of the kitchen.  I think it does them good to see Hugo running around and getting on with things with no concern about my feet at all.  Apart from whether he can climb on them to beg for cucumber, that is!