Winter crops

Having taken out the courgettes and corn from the bed last month and dug more compost and fertiliser into it, I planted about a dozen broad beans in two rows (var. Super Aquadulce) which should grow over winter nicely. 

I also sowed seeds of two varieties of winter lettuce (Winter Density and Winter King I think) in September, which got eaten by something when they came up, so I sowed more in October in a window box trough, and they have come up very nicely.  I transplanted some of those seedlings into some spare space by the early broccoli a few days ago as they needed thinning.

I found some winter peas about six inches tall going half price in a garden centre and thought I might try them, so I’ve planted them in a double row with pea sticks in the same bed as the broad beans.  They been battered around a bit by the gales we’ve had this week, but they are still going.  The instructions say they should give peas in May, but I’ll be happy if they just give plenty of green shoots in March – April for my salads and for the guinea pigs!

There’s a book due out in February called ‘Winter Vegetables’ by Charles Dowding.  I expect I’ll buy it.