Quite a lot of sprouts… and Leek & Walnut pudding

The Christmas dinner went well, the asparagus tart on Boxing Day was splendid, the left over strudel with a mushroom sauce was great on the holiday Monday.  On Tuesday I had a large breakfast to help James on his journey home, and I think I had cheese and biscuits or a salad sandwich for dinner.  On Wednesday I had Brussels sprout soup for lunch and beetroot and courgette soup (from the freezer) for supper.  On Thursday I played golf  then had Brussels sprout risotto for dinner.  You are beginning to see a theme here…

I made a long list of recipes for eating up the extra cabbage and Brussels Sprouts as even my guinea pigs are beginning to complain.  One I’m looking forward to is cabbage and three cheese canneloni.

A few others are dishes which can have accompanying sprouts – like today’s excellent Leek & Walnut pudding.  I actually made one for today and tomorrow, and two for the freezer.  It’s an interesting recipe where you saute onion and leeks till soft (1lb leeks), add chopped walnuts ( I used 4 oz  mixed nuts) parsley, thyme, nutmeg, salt & pepper.  Then make some vegetable suet pastry ( 8 oz self-raising flour, salt & pepper, and I used 4 oz regular marg in mine rather than suet) and put a round in the base of a pudding basin, a layer of leek mixture, another round of pastry, a layer of leek, then finish it with a round of pastry.  Do up with greaseproof pastry and a layer of foil on top and steam for two hours.  Actually I used my pressure cooker, with 15 mins steaming and 30 mins on low pressure.  I’ve never done that before.  It seemed to work well.  It tasted really good too!

The Brussels Sprout Soup recipe was one of only four recipes for sprouts I found in my books – and two were for sprouts with chestnuts!  I manage to lift a couple of small celeriac from the garden to go in it and it tastes pretty good.  It’s a Jane Grigson recipe but I upped the amount of sprouts and reduced the water which I think was a good thing.

Basically – chop an onion and saute in 1 oz butter; add diced celeriac (or a potato and a stick of celery), then halved or quartered sprouts (1 lb), heat gently with the lid on for about ten minutes then add 2 pints water.  Bring to the boil and simmer for about 15-20 mins till the sprouts are tender.  Blend to a rough consistency, don’t make it too smooth.  Season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Serve with a swirl of cream or grated cheese.  I’ve frozen a pot full, and there’s a lot there for me to get through.  Maybe I’ll freeeze another pot full and go on to make some cabbage soup 😦

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