Happy new vegetables in 2011!

I’m sitting in front of my spreadsheet of what to grow where this year.  I love winter – planning what the summer will bring!  I find it difficult to follow the proper rotation system because firstly, the over-wintering crops tend to push the rotation method along two beds instead of the one, and secondly, some plants I want to grow to one side or the other, not in the middle of the garden (so I can see it from my window).  Also some things turn up and get put in the available space, so I have onions growing in a space that might otherwise have grown beans this year.

But it’s a nice problem to have.

What I do with my spreadsheet, which has veggies down the side and weekly dates across the top,  is look at all the planned sow and harvest dates and work out which things were harvested earlier or later than expected, and nake sure I allow for that in the new plan.  Then I copy the veggies that I want to plant again into the new years sheet, adjusting the growth times if necessary, then group them by family so that the right things grow together, then alloacte them to a bed.  Then I work out whether I can fit them in.  Which is when the fun starts.

Well, it keeps me busy.

Then after that I check my seeds and see what I need to buy more of.  Anyone want some spare broad bean seeds?

And Happy 2011 to all my readers and I hope it brings you rain and sun in season, and no nasty pests or diseases!

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