It’s all happening in the night sky!

I’ve just been watching BBC2’s Stargazing Live show which is on tomorrow and Wednesday as well.  There’s a heck of a lot happening this week:

  • Jupiter aligning with Uranus tonight (Monday)
  • the Quadrantid meteor shower peaking in the early hours of Tuesday morning
  • followed by a partial solar eclipse at daybreak, also on Tuesday morning.

The website is not that easy to navigate round to get information on these things, just as the programme did very little stargazing and a lot of planetary science that has been well covered in numerous tv series in the last year (mostly in conjuntion with the OU, and I’ve done both their planetary science courses so I’m supposed to know that!)  But if you want to take a look…

Hopefully we’ll have some clear skies in Norfolk that’ll enable me to see some sights tonight and tomorrow morning.


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