Need some new seeds?

I was interested to be told about the Real Seed Company which sells seed it has grown itself for non-hybrid and non-GMO vegetable varieties.  Most have stood the test of time and the taste test of their family.  They also encourage seed saving and swapping.

I’ll probably give them a go.

This year I saved seed from pea, french bean (Blue Coco, a Garden Organic heritage variety that did really well in a difficult summer when my runner beans failed entirely), scorzonera and a couple of others.  Also hollyhock flowers and the gazanias from my niece’s wedding.  I’ll see how they go next year.


One thought on “Need some new seeds?

  1. Well, I was rather impressed with the catalogue, so I’ve order the following seeds:
    Sweet Corn – Golden Bantam Improved
    Carrot – Jaune Obtuse de Doubs (Yellow)
    Fennel – Colossal (and the information in the catalogue suggests I’ve been sowing my fennel too early)
    Sweet Pepper – Kaibi round
    Cucumber – Wautoma (should be good outdoors)
    Kale – Tuscan /Black/Dragon (as I’ve run out of seeds and this is very successful)

    I have too many seeds in my seed tin at present, but I think I ought to throw the old (ten years +) ones out!

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