Vegetable plan for 2011

I’ve been working out my plan for my veggies for this year.  Some are already in position, like the broccoli which should be harvested from a few weeks’ time till Easter, then can be followed by something else.  My onions are up and growing as well, these were a gift from my brother; I probably wouldn’t have grown them again otherwise.  The broad beans have raised their shoots above the compost added just as the snow came, but the winter peas look as if they have succumbed.  The winter lettuce under cloches next to the broccoli might make it through (the ones in the trough which are sheltered and under fleece look good).

So the new veg plan takes into account when those will be finished or harvested, and tries to take account of crop rotation and companion planting as well, although it doesn’t always work out as I only have small patches (4 ft square with a few odd corners added) and they get filled over and over through the year.  I just try to follow beans and peas with brassicas, and brassicas with roots, but if it doesn’t happen I don’t worry about it, just add more compost and a bit of general fertiliser each time I pull up or sow.  With my sandy soil nutrients get washed away quickly, but the addition of my compost is really starting to show an improvement in the structure of the soil.

So for the fourth summer of my vegetable patch, the arrangement will look something like this (north is at the top of the grid).  The archway will take the French beans on one side and the cucumber on the other.

Pots & growbags: tomatoes, pepper, carrots


Red kale, runner beans, strawberries, apple tree

Broad beans, winter peas (till June), Broccoli, dragon kale, kohl rabi, (netted in summer)

Onion (till June); carrots, French beans, peas, chard, radish, radicchio

Spring broccoli, sweet corn, rocket, cucumber, lettuce (cos)

Broccoli, winter lettuce (till April), celeriac, chard, beetroot, radish, scorzonera

Broccoli, dragon kale (till March),beetroot, carrots, celery, fennel, oak leaf lettuce, rocket

One thought on “Vegetable plan for 2011

  1. My broccoli is suffering from too much cold and snow on dodgy stems. I had to take three heads off because the stems were rotting, and the others look as if they might go the same way. Shame as the first of them are just starting to produce heads 😦

    Lesson for next year – they need to be planted out as soon as necessary, if they go spindly even by potting on the stems wont be strong enough for the winter.

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