Eating your own – from the freezer

I’ve just been out to the freezer (in the garage) to have a look and see what was there and brought back some minestrone soup, some asparagus soup, and something labelled ‘courgette pasta sauce’. I think it’s about time I started digging into the stores and enjoying the fruits of the summer in the garden.  It makes a nice change from root vegetables and brussels sprouts, in any guise I can do them (although I do recommend root vegetable crumble with brussels sprouts accompanying.)

I also ate the last of the courgette fritters for lunch with the first taste of my green tomato chutney – which is very nice except I seem to have put whole peppercorns in and they’re a bit crunchy and overpowering when you crunch them!  Be warned if I offer you any!

The courgette fritters were a great success and I would make them again any time.  Easy to freeze and make a nice easy lunch microwaved for a few minutes (even from frozen). I’m not planning to grow courgettes next year but you never know what might happen, and also there’s always something else I could make fritters from.

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