The summer harvest starts here!

I planted the first seeds of the new season today.  Sweet (bell) peppers, six seeds each of two varieties.  I usually only try to grow peppers in twos and threes and usually only manage to get one pepper off one plant (apart from the first year I tried them when I grew chilli peppers and got lots of little red chillis).

The varieties were Trifetti, an organic Heritage seed from Garden Organic that I tried unsuccessfully last year, and Kaibi Round No 2, from the Real Seed Company.  Thanks to them I think I’ve worked out what I’ve been doing wrong – peppers need to be germinated in really warm conditions, so I have put them on my washing machine which is in a large walk-in cupboard thing which also houses the central heating boiler.  I think they’ll be warm enough in there.  When they have sprouted they can go into the bathroom to grow on.

I sometimes do some of the tomatoes really early but they always end up spindly, so I think I’ll leave them all till March.

One thought on “The summer harvest starts here!

  1. I took the tray out of the boiler cupboard yesterday – the Kaibi seeds had been up for a few days but I was waiting for the Trifetti to emerge. They are now on the kitchen dresser under the light. Maybe not an ideal light but better than the ‘daylight’ options I have available which are all very dull. I think I left the seeds in the dark too long as the Kaibi stems are about 2 inches long – the Trifetti are fine at 1 inch. Maybe I’ll sow four more Kaibi in a pot and take them out when they are much shorter.
    Must sow spring broccoli this week.

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