Wish List

I occasionally watch the start of Michael Portillo’s series on great railway journeys (in the UK, following the Victorian Bradshaws Railway timetable and Guide).  I stopped and watched the whole of today’s one, where he was on the West Highland line.

Oh, how I long to do that trip.  Mallaig, the gateway to the Isles.  The Glenfinnan viaduct.  And then I thought, well how long does it take to get from my nearest station to Mallaig, and is it feasible to do it in a two-day trip?

Without considering an option of travelling to London and then taking the sleeper to Glasgow (might check that later) it is possible to leave my home station after 10.30 am, arrive in Mallaig at 11.30 pm.  The return trip leaves at 06.03 am, to get back at 10.30 pm, so I reckon it is worth having a day in Mallaig or tripping over to Skye.  Or doing the ‘small islands‘ Rum, Eigg, Muck and Canna by Calmac ferry.

Maybe I’ll do this for my next significant birthday as the 11.30 pm arrival in Mallaig would be lovely in Midsummer 🙂

And the train isnt too expensive either.  Currently about the cost of a day return to London!

Mmm… dreaming 🙂


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