Hector and Humphrey are staying

Hector and Humphrey, the guinea pigs that I’ve been fostering since 4th November 2010 are staying.  I had mixed feelings about keeping them because, frankly, six pigs is a lot more work (and money) than four pigs, especially as I can’t fit their cage close to the other two, so they are the other end of the kitchen in a smaller cage, and becuase of the smaller space they have they get to go in a run on the kitchen floor for much of the day.  More importantly, I can’t see how I can take six pigs on holiday if I want to go – four is manageable and two forms of cage in the car is feasible, one inside the other – actually F&G have the box the other cage came in, but the ‘other cage’ is now in use all the time by Hector and Humphrey.

But Sophie from the rescue said she had now rehomed all the other boars that came in at the same time as them, and asked did I want to return them to the rescue?  Well, while I would have been happy to hand them over to a loving person as their new forever mummy (or daddy), no I didnt want them to go back to the rescue, however much cuddling Sophie would be able to do.  And I suppose the chance of them getting a new home when they are being fostered is smaller – and Sophie has 20 more pigs coming in that will need homes….

So Hector and Humphrey have now found their forever home, and I’ll work out what to do about holidays when it comes to it.


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