Catching up with the Bird Atlas

This year is the last year of the survey period for the new Bird Atlas.  I’ve only got one survey square to do (and I’ve done my winter surveys) but we are being encouraged to go to other areas and look for birds that you’d think would be there but havent been seen yet.

I decided I would try and get another visit into my previous survey squares, and particularly to the two in TG22 as I am the only person who seems to have recorded there.  Actually, as I have done two adjacent squares in the area I realise I have covered most of what I am likely to see (as opposed to an expert ornitholoigst searching out rarities) unless I have huge good fortune. 

But even so, I went back to the Stratton Strawless tetrad this afternoon, really aiming to pick up an owl or two.   I had recorded the breeding barn owls I was shown by the farmer in the neighbouring tetrad , but I was still thrilled to see one on this patch today – I felt like my mission had been accomplished.  I also saw fieldfare which I hadn’t recorded there during the survey.  I was quite excited by the teal on the only pond in the area, but I’d seen them on the second winter survey visit.  But my purpose in going was achieved, so a worthwhile trip.

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