Seeds of change

Well, not much change! Just more seed sowing, although it’s my first time with summer broccoli and I’ve not been successful with cucumber seeds yet.

Today I sowed my summer broccoli seeds in a seed tray, and some green kohl rabi in modules three to a pot.  There will be around 20 kohl rabi and 30 broccoli seedlings if they all come up, but I have ready takers for thinnings of both (my guineapigs).  I’ve put those in my mini-greenhouse which I will have to keep an eye on because it could get too hot on sunny days.  I also sowed some cucumbers, 2 to a pot, 4 pots.  Those are in the airing cupboard for warmth but I must watch for the first signs of growth as it’s too warm for them really.

I also sowed some more broad beans, the F1 purple flowered ones, a single row next to the Aquadulce variety which were sown in November and are coming up nicely.  Last year I found that although the purple flowered ones were very pretty, they suffer from the problem of F1 hybrids developed for growers – they were perfectly uniform with clusters of short pods with only 2 or 3 beans in each, and all ready at the same time.  Well, the good thing about that is that I froze them, and just started using the second last bag at the weekend!  But I don’t really want uniform crops, I want a succession, so no more hybrid varieties here!  I also popped a bean in the three gaps in the double row of Aquadulce where the original sowing had failed, and sowed a small patch of rocket in the centre of the rows – it should come up fine.


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