Spring is sprung!

Well, at least I think it is!  The grass is starting to grow – there’s enough to pick and give to the guinea pigs and they have had two days with a half hour on the grass with their fleeces close by for them to retreat to.

Today was too windy for that, but the promised rain has not arrived.  So after spending longer than planned in the morning sowing seeds of celery, pak choi, peas, parsley and Moneymaker tomato (all in pots or trays, the pak choi in the greenhouse, the peas in the frame and the rest inside to keep warm for germination) and potting on the cucumber and peppers, I tidied up the patio border, weeding round the herbs and strawberries, pulling out over-enthusiastic seedlings and removing the verbascum, which was too big and not quite as nice as I’d hoped.  I split it up a bit and put two pieces elsewhere and consigned the rest to the compost heap.

I have taken the bold step of planting three types of mint in the space the verbascum was in.  I had these in pots for the past two years and last year they struggled a bit.  Now I like mint, and the guinea pigs adore it, and so if it decides to go rampant I dont think we’ll mind too much.  But it would have been saner to plant it in a bottomless pot to contain the roots a bit.  I don’t think the chocolate mint has survived, but the ginger mint, garden mint and frilly mint are looking like they are ready and raring to go – and now they have space to fill!


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