Nearly back to normal

The wood burning stoves have been in for some time and the damp proofing that was done left bare plaster around the hearth and on the side walls. I had to leave this to dry out thoroughly for 4-6 weeks, then put a coat of thinned paint on to seal the surface. I’ve been doing that this week and also putting on a second (third) layer of white paint to get the contrast evened out between the worked area and the original white wall.

I’m now ready to put the top coat(s) on. And for me, I’m going to be daring! I’m going to put the NewLife paint that I bought online, colour Spring Violet, on the whole of the wall in the front room, although to the side of the chimney breast it will be largely hidden by the bookcases. I’m really looking forward to getting it finished and the room straight again, especially all the books back on the shelves! In the living room, which is much sunnier (especially at present) I’m going to put the lilac haze paint (Colours from B&Q) which I used in my bedroom, just on the chimney breast itself. The wall to one side will need another coat of white when that’s done, but the other side is fine and was done only a couple of years ago.

So then, when the mantelshelves are finally put above the fireplaces, and my bits and pieces and furniture all back in place, it should all look smashing. And when I manage to light the fires effectively, I’ll be doing more short-cycle carbon emissions from my heating rather than using oil, which is a fossil fuel. So my carbon footprint can come down a little more. No, I haven’t done a lifecycle analysis of the manufacture and installation of the stoves. But it’s a thought…

This is how they look now they’re finished:


2 thoughts on “Nearly back to normal

  1. Pleased to say that I managed to light the fire successfully today and it’s got the house warm enough for the heating not to come on 🙂 And it is pretty wet and miserable outside.

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