Carbon counting for 2010

I’ve just had my car serviced and MOT’d for the year so I was in a position to do the sums for last year’s fuel use and carbon emissions.  I have a transport emissions calculator that I developed while I was at my previous job based on work I did earlier at a well-known international NGO.  One of these days I’ll do it up into a neat little app and link it in here.

Anyway, with no air travel this year I kept my transport emissions down to 1.88 tCO2, which isn’t as good as it looks as it was actually more miles than the previous year in the car, mostly for non-work purposes (and I holidayed in the same place, so it’s not that).  This was a 30% reduction on the previous year though (mainly due to the air bit).  This year I’m managing to do the conference I flew to in 2009 by train 🙂

I havent calculated the emissions for my heating oil, but I only ordered 1500 litres as opposed to 1800 l the previous year, so those emissions will also be down, about 17%.  Electricity continues to be supplied by an all-renewable supplier, Good Energy.

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