Toad rescue

I was taking the netting off my raspberries since the blackbirds have now left the garden and the first and main crop raspberries have finished. The autumn ones seem to get left alone, or at least they have the last two years.

I started pulling the net away from the bottom of the raspberries, having taken it off the top, and noticed a large clod of earth hanging from it. I wondered how it had got attached so I shook it, and then looked closer.

It was a toad! It had tried to crawl through the netting and got its body through one of the holes and then stuck tight. Its legs were pretty much entangled in other bits of the netting too. No way would the holes be big enough to let a full-grown toad through it was so tight round its middle there was a big bulge either side and I thought I had the nasty job of getting a dead toad out of the net. So I got my scissors because there was no way to get it from his middle other than to cut him out. And as I prodded to try and get the point under the net, his leg moved. And his eye then blinked at me!

So I very gently cut the necessary holes to free him, and unentangled his legs, and then put him in a nice quiet corner with lots of damp vegetation and hopefully some nice slugs for him to eat while he recovers from his ordeal.

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