Fruity weekend

Although I don’t seem to have as much fruit around the house as last year I still get overwhelmed with my raspberries and I’m definitely overwhelmed with runner beans!  Our apple crop is a failure (although I did pick up some windfalls at the golf club) and the plums almost as poor, but there seem to be a lot of pears although not really dessert quality.

I’ve already made raspberry jam at the end of June but that was with the maincrop fruits (or a mixture, snce the autumn ones seem to last all summer long), but this weekend I’ve made some more, and very nice it looks too.  The raspberry never seems to set quite as well as the other fruits, maybe it needs a tad more lemon juice or something liike that, although another problem was that my recipe says don’t wash them if they are from the garden and I had to pick them in the rain!  Anyway, two nice pots from just under a pound of raspberries, which is good.  I also got half a kilo of damsons from the Farm Shop, and made damson jam which set almost before I knew it!  Then you have to scoop the stones from the surface, which took ages and the jam was almost solid in the pan before I potted it.  Maybe I should have kept it warmer while I de-stoned it.  I counted 98 damsons in and lost count of the stones I took out, but as I got to 104 I think I was wrong in my senior moment and only had 94.  So I’ve labeled the jars “Care: four stones uncounted”.  Oddly though, there were 4 stones in the bottom of the washing up bowl so it is just possible they were stuck to the pan.  More likely they were stuck to the spoon and did get counted though.  Three pots of damson jam should be very tasty indeed (judging from the scrapings in the pan!)

I also had a new flush of rhubarb after it went very poorly in our spring drought.  I had just one pot of rhubarb and ginger jam in the storage from last year, so now I have three more.

And of course, all my jam is vegan…

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