The moon is round

Well, it was last night, when it was full.  We had a lovely clear night (mostly) and it was shining brightly in my bedroom window so I went down into the garden at 11 pm with my binoculars and my bird telescope and got a really good view of it.  The edges are all crinkly where the craters stick out from the surface.  It was a wonderful view.

There was a planet in the east as well, I could see it quite well, quite a big disk. I think it must have been Jupiter, and I thought I could see the flash of a moon about two diameters away, but it might have been dust or and imperfection in the scope, as that seems a bit far away for one of Jupiter’s moons.  I’ll look them up and see whether I saw what I think I saw!

I tried to get a photo of the moon through my telescope tonight but it was much hazier with high cloud, and I haven’t got a proper ‘digiscope’ attachment anyway. One day when I have disposable income again…  One of them turned out quite well though!

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