Frost or not?

First the forecast said it might get down as low as 2 degrees Celsius overnight.  That’s low enough to give us a frost.  So I looked up which of my veggies might be in danger from frost and got the horticultural fleeces out and covered the runner beans and cucumber (pegging it to their wires so it just covers the front of them), the peppers, some of the tomatoes, and put the front down on the mini-greenhouse.  And took the few remaining nice leaves off the french beans since it wasnt doing much and the guinea pigs would prefer unfrosted leaves.

Now the forecast says it might get down to 7 degrees.  All that effort for nothing!

But I suppose better nice and warm than frosted….

One thought on “Frost or not?

  1. My garden thermometer said it got down to 9 last night. Better safe than sorry though. I’ve left the fleece cover on the peppers as it’ll help them to ripen.

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