Quince and apple crumble cake

The farm shop had quinces in.  It had printed out some recipes of things to do with them too, so I took away the quince and apple cake recipe even though I had a recipe for rhubarb crumble cake.

Well, it was a sightly different approach to the crumble cake; instead of mixing the fruit into the cake mixture you just laid it on top, and there was a HUGE amount of fruit to cake and crumble!  The crumble was a bit fatty to my mind, and not enough of it, but then I like my crumble thick if it’s directly on top of the fruit.  You also had to cook it for an hour which I thought was a long time.

But I did as I was told, and it has come out looking rather dark (I liked the colour of the crumble at 40 minutes but the centre sponge wasn’t cooked).  It was also quite delicate and I thought it might break into pieces as I slide it off the loose base of the cake tin.  So I decided not to have a piece warm but to wait till it was cold and hopefully had set a bit more solid.

I hope it tastes nice.  I have no idea what quinces taste like.  They are quite hard to cut and peel though.  And thanks to my neighbour Caroline for the apples, as they are doing a grand job in all sorts of dishes and also my morning muesli.

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