Treshnish wins RSPB award!

I’m hugely pleased that Treshnish Farm has won the prestigious RSPB UK Nature of Farming award. The competition “celebrates the fantastic work farmers are already doing for wildlife. It takes particular dedication and care to run a farm that creates terrific wildlife habitat – and is economically viable. … delighted to work with farmers who are making great efforts and who act as ambassadors for wildlife in the farming community.

I’ve been going to Treshnish since 2005 although I wish I’d found it sooner.  I stay at the terrific Blackhouses, the old fishermans cottages that have been done up into lovely self-catering accommodation (pets allowed).  Although the farm itself is about a mile from the main road (which is a single track A road reached just after a winding and precipitous drive via the lovely Calgary beach), the cottages at Haunn are a further mile and a half from there.  It never feels isolated, just peaceful.  You can sit outside the cottage and watch the sun going down over Coll and Tiree, or the blue hills of Skye, Muck and Rum in the distance while you’re doing the washing up!  Last year Somerset and Carolyne’s dedication to wildlife friendly farming bore fruit with a corncrake nesting just behind the little pile of rocks outside the cottage.  crek-crek calls all night got a little boring but still exciting and I saw the owner of the voice at 5.30 am one misty morning when I got up to make a cuppa.

The birds, butterflies, flowers and landscape are absolutely wonderful, and with care you can also get great views of deer and other wildlife.  There are walks from your doorstep, easy access to the bright lights of Tobermory, and great days out with the boat trips of Turus Mara or just walking on the Isle of Ulva – Mull is Scotland in miniature and Ulva is Mull in miniature!

And of course I have zillions of photographs!

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